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Aptawita Media Group


Company Registration Certificate (TDP) Number: dated 6 Nov 2001

Date of Incorporation: 30 July 1993
Incorporated with Deed No. 51 dated 30 July 1993 made before Grace Tandiari, Notary Candidate, substitute of Fransiscus Jacobus Mawati, Notary in Jakarta. The incorporation deed was validated by Minister of Justice Decision : No. C2-14.627.HT.01.01.Th.94 dated 28 September 1994.

Country of Incorporation: Indonesia

Type of Company: Limited Liability Company

Registered Office Address
Jl. Jati Baru No. 45 Kelurahan Kampung Bali, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
The address is based on the Certificate of Domicile no. 132/1.8245/X/2001 dated 3 October 2001

Tax Registration Number (NPWP): 01.661.426.5-072.000

Letter of Registered Information of tax: PEM-01160/WPJ.06/KP.1103/2008 dated 28 July 2008

Purposes and objectives of business
a. Trading
b. Development/Construction
c. Industry
d. Agriculture
e. Printing/Publishing
f. Transportation

Business Activities

  • Carrying businesses in trading, including export and import trading, among islands/regions and local, for goods produced by itself and by other companies, acting as an agent, supplier, franchise, distributor and as representative of other companies, both domestic and foreign companies.
  • Carrying businesses inconstruction, acting as developer including planner, executor and general contractor for real estates, apartments, condominiums, offices, shops, along with their facilities including working on land acquisition, land clearance, land hilling, land equalization, preparing and developing the location area, and developing buildings, roads, parks, bridges, dams, irrigations, grounds, electrical installations, gas, drink water, telecommunication, air conditioner, and in the field of civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering.
  • Carrying businesses in industrial field including various industries such as craft, wicker, wood excluding furniture, furniture, home equipment, household, stationery, garment, manufacturing and fabrication.
  • Carrying businesses in agriculture, including agriculture industry and agriculture business, farm, sea/land fishery, plantation, and forestry.
  • Carrying businesses in printing publishing, including bindery, packing, publishing book, design and graphic printing, offset, photocopy and screen printing.
  • Carrying businesses in land transportation, including the transport of goods and people, expedition and warehousing.
  • Carrying businesses in service industry such as consultation service in architecture, design and interior, management service and the rental of building, offices, recreation park, and bonded zone, management of parking and security, property agent service, organizer of technical business service, information technology service and internet content, consultation in computer and informatics engineering, consultation in business, management and administration, event organizer services, advertising service, advertisement and promotion service, and carrying other services except services in law and tax.

Company Profile